Messier 97, Owl Nebula

In my article on the Dumbbell Nebula posted last year I explained that this was a planetary nebula that are typically small and not really ideal targets for a 4 inch refractor such as my William Optics Z103. Enter a new telescope, the 8 inch StellaLyra Ritchey-Chretien or ‘Stella’ as she is now known. Stella […]

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Great Globular Cluster

I was thinking about which image to post this week and looking through my work for 2021 so far there are a few galaxies (but I posted a galaxy image last week) and I have lots of solar photos too (again, been there, done that recently too). Then I noticed I had only posted one […]

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Messier 82, Cigar Galaxy

Messier 82 or the Cigar Galaxy as it is also known is an edge on galaxy 12 million light years away. In astronomical terms this is a relatively close object to us and has presented some good opportunities for astronomers to observe it. At 19:20 GMT on 21 January 2014, students at the University College […]

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Messier 27 Dumbbell Nebula

This was the first planetary nebula picture I took and up until this point I have not tried to take any pictures as the majority are quite small and a telescope much larger than my 4-inch refractor is needed to do them any real justice. So what is a planetary nebula? Well for a start […]

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I first came across the term ‘Solargraphy’ on the astronomy forum, Stargazers Lounge, and was directed to a website dedicated to the art of Solargraphy. Solargraphy is a very basic method of photography using a pinhole camera to capture extremely long exposures in order to record the path of the Sun as the year progresses. […]

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The Pinwheel and the Fly

Weather conditions here in North Essex continued to be poor during the start of January 2021 which meant that any opportunity to get outside under the stars was very limited. Recently I have been trying to improve my chances of predicting clear skies by downloading astronomy weather apps from the Apple Store and so far […]

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Sol – How long’s your prom?

In July I took this composite image of the Sun. It consists of two layers; the first captures the surface detail of the Chromosphere in H⍺ and the second is overexposed in order to reveal the prominences that you can see on the edge of the Sun’s disc. I was intrigued by the length of […]

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NGC7789 Caroline’s Rose

With only limited time again for imaging before the clouds and rain rolled in, I decided to keep to my recent trend of photographing open clusters and chose Caroline’s Rose. This collection of stars was discovered by Caroline Herschel in 1783 and is also known as ‘The White Rose Cluster’. It has a good concentration […]

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