Cave Nebula

Clear nights seem to me to have been quite rare this year and so when two in succession come along you take it, even if the Moon is up and 95% illuminated as was the case on the 22nd and 23rd September. When the Moon is in play then I will switch to a narrow […]

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IC5146, Cocoon Nebula

IC5146 is a star cluster, emission and reflection nebula approximately 6,478 light years away in the constellation Cygnus. It is located near the open star cluster, Messier 39 which is also posted here on my blog. The Cocoon Nebula as it is also known is a stellar nursery. Inside are a number of developing stars. […]

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Sol in H⍺ – 14 August 2021

It was a hazy start to the morning with slow moving high cloud all over the place which meant there wasn’t much flow to the imaging session having to wait for clouds to move out of view. So, here is a selection of what was visible earlier today. Image 1 – The full solar disc. […]

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Sol in H⍺ – 11 August 2021

I recently acquired a 4x Tele Vue Powermate which has reduced the focal ratio of my Lunt 60mm combined with the ZWO ASI174mm down to a level more manageable in comparison with the 5x Powermate. With the latter I had slight over-sampling and it was difficult to process the images without introducing a lot of noise. […]

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Sol in H⍺ – 10 August 2021

The Sun had a couple of small active regions visible this morning. Notable areas were AR12852 and AR12853 plus some small prominences. Image 1 – A close up view of AR12853. Captured with the equipment detailed below and a TeleVue 4x Powermate. Image 2 – AR12852 near the South West limb and the nearby prominences. […]

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